Friday, March 20, 2015

How Save not Raze Program brings positive development

One of the added benefits of the Save not Raze program is how the acquisition of properties changes neighborhood dynamics. Such is the case with one Save not Raze property at 1880 Knox. The property had been vacant for a number of years but was rated as "stable" by the neighborhood group. The problem had been the property next door, which had constant police runs and was the center of illegal activity.

The picket fence and arbor are a symbol of change and rebirth.
The Neighborhood Crime watch program had been actively applying pressure to the home owner to get his act together to no avail. The turning point was the acquisition of this key property next door.

Neighbors got together, tools in hand for several weekends of taking our neighborhood back events at the home. This community activity put pressure on the problem property next door.
As volunteers began working on this property, planting flowers installing a picket fence, and CPD patrolled by more frequently, the "illegal activity" was impossible to continue. When the neighborhood installed security cameras on the save not raze project facing towards the problem property. The handwriting as on the wall and the for sale sign went up.

Thanks to proactivity of KHNA we had a potential buyer lined up who bought that property and is now finishing up a complete restoration of it.

This house just a couple of doors away has completed an exterior restoration and work continues on the inside. It had been vacant over 10 years! 
At the same time two other homes a door down are now under restoration. One has exterior restoration almost complete , the other homeowner has been doing interior work and will be moving to the outside this summer.

So save not raze efforts didn't just save one house. It saved several. We eliminated problem in the neighborhood and two more restorations are underway on the same block.

If you would be interested in 1880 Knox and want to be a part of the Knox Hill Renaissance Contact us!

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